This incisive documentary weaves the past, present and future of journalism as it delves into the man behind the legend-- Dan Rather. With unrestricted access, the film offers an unfiltered look at both Rather's esteemed 60+ year career – exploring where and how he became one of journalism’s resounding force – and his present renaissance as the last beacon of quality reporting, unfettered and in direct contact with Americans through social media. Directed by Frank Marshall, RATHER had its world premiere at the 2023 Tribeca Film Festival.

Marshall’s documentary goes well beyond the epigrams to the substance of the man, his faith and family, and a career that can only be called one of the greatest in the history of American journalism

The film manages to tell three stories at once in its tight 93 minutes: The evolution of broadcast journalism and the troubles a free press now faces, along with the slide of American society from hard-fought advances in social justice and democratic freedoms...

...if you're looking for a reminder of a hugely impactful career in news gathering, then Rather is rather perfect.

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